Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Loom Tools!!!

hey there today I am going to show you my loom tools.... so in these pictures are a dragon tail, rainbow loom and a loom hook.
 Also a BIG load of loom bands!!!
This will get you started and with the help of online tutorials,you tube and books  you can start to make and create...
 I hope you have a good day !!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A pretty garden loom bracelet...

Hey There...I have made a new bracelet called the garden bracelet its got babies breath and flowers and a bee ,the tutorial was on you tube but I cannot remember the link but I love it!!!
I have some other bracelets like this one.

I used for my hand/wrist diameter was 40 bands and whilst this is a lot for one bracelet its all good because it is pretty and also cute!!!

 I hope you like my pretty garden bracelet and I hope you have a loom out day!!


Hey its the looming lizard here..and I am back with a new and excellent creation
 My Ipod is a 5 gen and it took 300 bands I added a bracelet on the end to make it look cool or 
 if you drop your Ipod  a lot you can put it around your hand!
That's all for today.... so see ya later with a new creation I hope you have a good day :)